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[Dawn Patrol] Moving back to old forum home

Scarlet Scorpion, Yesterday at 11:06 PM.
So, GP is closing shop.  With such a relatively short notice, then we need to get back to our original forum site to regroup.

Spread the word.  Fleet message in [STO] was updated.

Good luck and see you "home" so to speak.

[STO] Fleet uniforms

Lady Britania, Jul 17, 14 8:26 PM.
Okay, possible options for the Fleet uniforms is posted in the STO forum with screenshots. Please check it out and post your thoughts.

[STO] Fleet is almost at Tier 1 across the board

Scarlet Scorpion, May 29, 14 11:28 AM.
Greetings Captains,

Through dedication and hard work, there is only one Fleet project *not* at Tier 1 and that's the Spire itself.  Actually, the Starbase and its platforms are at Tier 3.  

The goal now is to stockpile requisitions before we go any further.  Having said that, the Starship Customizer is slotted and the Starbase Tailor is next.  Those will need some love while we get Requisitions up.

Please post ideas concerning how to move forward past the tailor.  With in-game channels like NoP Public Service available, fleet members can actually acquire Tier 5 gear easily ... but you'll need the Fleet Credits and provisions for purchase.

Finally, please send me a PM concerning news for other game systems.

Thank you all for helping the Dawn Patrol!

News, News and more News

Scarlet Scorpion, Apr 2, 14 11:18 AM.
Hey gang,

I have not done anything with the news page since I got Admin rights and that's now going to change.  Since we all play different games, then it would be unfair (I think) for me to post only *my* game's news.  Then I thought about adding any amount of news from the members as well (personal or not).

SO - if you wold like some news posted here (gaming or not) send me a PM and I'll get on it.

SO SO - I'll start:

STO: Kits are getting a revamp!  this is actually a big deal to me because I love the idea of Kits, but I only use one - ever.  And keep in mind (if you ever knew), Scarlet Scorpion was a Sonic/Sonic Defender and when I moved to STO I specifically chose the Science career because their Kits came with a Sonic ability (yes, it was that simple to me).  The revamp will allow a level of customization that may improve my game play anyway   Check it out on the STO Blog page.

On a personal note: I have another child coming on the way!!  S/he will be my second, so I will be scarce in October and probably through the New Years.  Yay me

RP Night's

Lady Britania, Dec 5, 12 7:10 PM.
RP Night's have been set up for both our CO & STO guilds. Please see the events calendar for dates and times.
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