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News, News and more News

Scarlet Scorpion, Apr 2, 14 11:18 AM.
Hey gang,

I have not done anything with the news page since I got Admin rights and that's now going to change.  Since we all play different games, then it would be unfair (I think) for me to post only *my* game's news.  Then I thought about adding any amount of news from the members as well (personal or not).

SO - if you wold like some news posted here (gaming or not) send me a PM and I'll get on it.

SO SO - I'll start:

STO: Kits are getting a revamp!  this is actually a big deal to me because I love the idea of Kits, but I only use one - ever.  And keep in mind (if you ever knew), Scarlet Scorpion was a Sonic/Sonic Defender and when I moved to STO I specifically chose the Science career because their Kits came with a Sonic ability (yes, it was that simple to me).  The revamp will allow a level of customization that may improve my game play anyway   Check it out on the STO Blog page.

On a personal note: I have another child coming on the way!!  S/he will be my second, so I will be scarce in October and probably through the New Years.  Yay me

RP Night's

Lady Britania, Dec 5, 12 7:10 PM.
RP Night's have been set up for both our CO & STO guilds. Please see the events calendar for dates and times.

A sad day

Lady Britania, Dec 1, 12 5:23 AM.
And the end has finally come. City of Heroes, our much beloved game, has ended. First of all, I'd like to say thank you to everyone in the City of Heroes community. You are THE BEST. Second, to my fellow Dawn Patrol members, I couldn't imagine having played this game, or ended it, without you all. You are my family, I love you all. I am so happy that we represented strong right up until the end. As we take this next step, expanding to Champions Online and Star Trek Online, I can only say that I will do to the best of my ability to continue the tradition of excellence that the Dawn Patrol has always stood for.

Lady Britania

New Games

Lady Britania, Oct 10, 12 6:18 PM.
The new guilds in Star Trek Online and Champions Online are off to a good start and coming along nicely. Any members who haven't gotten toons into either game please let me know, and I'll set up a time to get you in them. Thank you.

New look!

Lady Britania, Aug 6, 12 3:21 PM.
A HUGE thank you to Captain Wonder Star for the new site graphics! He did a fantastic job on them!
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Night Terra
Cant post in forum here, lappy is dead. Details:
Scarlet Scorpion
Thank you Pheonyx for letting us know. /holdtorch
Dawn Patrol... we lost a true hero and a friend to us: Tre "Ascendant" Chipman passed away tonight after a long illness. He will be truly missed. /e holdtorch
Fortune's Favorite
Yeah, I went and looked on Twitter after posting that ... not only is it not just me, but it's not just CO either, heh.
Drive Train
Frickin' frackin'... and I *just* hit level 20, too. Grr.
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